Lama Yeshe Wangmo interviews Kathryn Goldman Schuyler about INNER PEACE—GLOBAL IMPACT as part of a series of Rolmo Interviews about women in Tibetan Buddhism.

INNER PEACE—GLOBAL IMPACT chosen as “Editor’s Choice” by Mandala Magazine
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Reprinted with permission from Mandala Magazine, January 2013.
Editor Laura Miller wrote:

“Inner Peace-Global Impact takes a groundbreaking look at how Tibetan Buddhism is interrelating with modern Western organizational structures as well as individual lives. The book is part of a series called Advances in Workplace Spirituality: Theory, Research and Application, which explores the relationship between spirituality and religion and organizational life. To date, not much scholarship has been undertaken to describe and understand how Tibetan Buddhism’s emergence in Western countries has shaped ideas and experiences in areas having to do with leadership, management, organizational development and the like. In Inner Peace-Global Impact, editor Kathryn Goldman Schuyler has assembled a far-reaching collection of articles that explore the confluence of the Tibetan wisdom tradition and Western society and culture. Goldman Schuyler is a trained sociologist and has coached over 200 executives, but she also has been drawn into Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice. Inner Peace-Global Impact reflects this combination of the professional and the spiritual.”

“Inner Peace-Global Impact is meant for a wide audience of readers, from people involved in management training to Tibetan Buddhist practitioners curious to learn more about the tradition’s impact outside of Tibet. With such a sweeping topic as Tibetan Buddhism, leadership and work, one might expect a collection of dry and abstract articles. Fortunately, the opposite is true. The pieces gathered in Inner Peace-Global Impact are thoroughly engaging, detailed and informative. Goldman Schuyler offers a diverse collection of thoughtful interviews, personal narratives and focused studies that give the reader specific and thorough examples of the interweaving of two cultures, instead of trying to present an all-encompassing yet simplistic overview.”

“Students of FPMT may be interested to read the chapter contributed by Nick Ribush – long-time student of Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who currently serves as director of Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive – which offers a history of the organization’s development. I found equally interesting the story of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Shambala tradition’s evolution as well as Sogyal Rinpoche’s reflections on Rigpa International and Buddhism in the West. Other sections of the book include an interview with Thupten Jinpa, who serves as one of His Holiness the Dalia Lama’s interpreters and is an accomplished Western scholar; an essay on mind training and embodied learning in leadership development; personal stories on the integration of Buddhist practice with a variety of professions, including in the field of arts, social work and the service industry; and several other articles.”

“Kathryn Goldman Schuyler makes an important contribution to our understanding of Tibetan Buddhism’s influence on Western culture and society. Inner Peace-Global Impact is a book for anyone who has wondered how Buddhist practice is changing the world.”

Mandala Magazine

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